Meet The EDGE Team

Commander Dillon Caldwell:
Graduate of the United States Naval Academy with highest honors. Served in the Office of Naval Intelligence. Former SEAL. Team leader.
Hero, legend and wild card. Doesn’t play by anyone’s rules, not even the admiral’s. Perfect record until he went undercover inside the Sanchez Brother’s drug cartel. Cover blown. Subject pulled. Family eliminated by SBC. He has a well deserved reputation for getting himself out of the kind of situations other men get killed in. He is Admiral Edge’s golden child.

Lieutenant Commander Jake Kincaid:
Navy SEAL and Dillon Caldwell’s second-in-command. Genius hacker with an IQ in the stratosphere. An MIT refugee who should have been in prison for hacking, but lucked out and got a life sentence in the U.S. Navy instead. Thanks to his CIA father, Jake has also been given the added benefit of working with Dillon at EDGE.
Jake has the All-American surfer dude theme working—sun-streaked hair, cheek stubble, constantly stoked, cool above all, and totally chill. Except when he’s not. When he’s not, Jake is scary as hell, even to Dillon. He’s a professional Go dan and chess grandmaster.

Dr. Matthew Radford Jackson IV:
Sara Caldwell’s brother. Spent his youth in a Georgia state prison for killing their father.
Now a Doctor of archaeology, Matt is a cross between Indiana Jones and Yoda. Did a short stint in the DEA before he went over to EDGE. Retrieval expert with a distinct moral compass.
He’s got more people after him in more countries than most people meet in their lifetime. He keeps the first floor of his antebellum mansion booby-trapped at all times.

Matt is a blend of brilliance and crazy, which makes him ruthless, sophisticated, and deadly.
His brain can process anger, fear and bullshit in another person within milliseconds. He has a lexicon of body language that would confuse even Freud, and has a biological predisposition to memory that defies modern science.

Aaron Chance:
Ex-Secret Service agent extraordinaire. Took two bullets five years ago when some nutcase tried to shoot the president. Got himself reassigned to covert ops because he wanted more of a challenge. Uncanny ability to ghost through walls, invincible and daring enough to lead seven men into an Al Qaida death camp to free four American hostages.
Shrouded in mystique, his name is devoutly revered, and actually whispered, among the elite of the elite in the pentagon. Comes from old money and a long line of male chauvinists.

Bobby Hutchins:
Hutch is the team’s front man and one of the deadliest guys on the team. An ex-Green Beret, he’s been known to take out six fully armed targets in less than a minute using nothing but his two hands and a nifty little knife he calls Chewy. Expert in unconventional warfare and specialized recon. He’s a phantom. He’s also the man to call for back up in a bar fight.

Jarred Wesley:
Ex-Army Ranger and former research professor of military strategy. Brilliant and daring helicopter pilot. Silent and deadly, Wolf is the team’s ninja. He’s a sociolinguist and takes pride in the fact that he can order a beer in over twenty languages. He’s the easygoing brainiac of the group who has earned the total respect of everyone he’s ever worked with.
Hailing from Vegas, Wolf’s version of the three R’s is Rita, Rhonda, and Rose. All redheads.
Tall, dark, and GQ handsome, he’s a world-class flirt in several languages and every woman’s fantasy.

Chase Patterson:
A preacher’s kid from Tampa, Chase is the team’s explosives expert. He has a steel backbone and runs on adrenaline, raw determination, and believes wholly in complete payback. His two rules in life are: He who hesitates is probably dead. And if at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you ever tried. Taciturn and mysterious.

Ryan Monolito:
Expert on all things M*A*S*H and an admirable liar. His real genius is his uncanny knack of understanding human behavior. His forte is psychological warfare. Lito hails from the CIA’s highly secretive Special Activities Division. He is audacity on two legs. Bold and flirtatious, Lito is the team’s designated party animal and always has a joke on hand. Has no verbal censor. He drives a cherry red Ferrari and is the envy of his teammates.

Shane Bentley:
Team sniper who can blow a hole through a dime from nearly a mile away. Weapon of choice is his M86 sniper rifle. Counter-insurgency expert and former FBI SWAT team member. Provides helicopter aviation support when missions include attack, assault, and reconnaissance, and are conducted at night, at high speeds, low altitudes, and on short notice.

Doug Jenkins:
Former Delta Force weapons specialist. Master scuba diver and amphib demolition expert. He is not only the team’s back-up sniper, but also an explosives expert. He can plan an entire mission in a foreign country in half a day’s time when it usually takes a team of high-ranking brass at least a week.
Doug is one of the original valley dudes, hailing straight from the concrete jungles of Los Angeles. Former gang banger who got out because he wanted to be a real badass. Lives by the warrior’s code and believes in chivalry at all times. A living paradox, his outlaw mentality blends seamlessly with his penchant toward gallantry. His idea of a good time is planting a bomb underwater on a modern day pirate ship.

Nick Farrel:
Former Air Force Major. Ex-pararescue jumper (PJ). Retired his maroon beret to join EDGE where he is currently the team medic. Top of his class in “Superman” School aka the Pipeline. In a class that takes two years of intense physical and mental effort, where the failure rate is ninety percent, Nick didn’t only graduate, he set physical records never before heard of. Following tradition, he has a green footprint tattooed over his heart.
He lives by the PJ motto: “It is my duty as a Pararescueman to save life and to aid the injured. I will be prepared at all times to perform my assigned duties quickly and efficiently, placing these duties before personal desires and comforts. These things I do, that others may live.”