The Women

The Women Who Love The Men Of EDGE

Sara Caldwell:
Wife of Dillon Caldwell. Kick-ass reporter and Columbia grad, she’s a smart-mouthed rich kid with a vulnerable look in her eyes caused from a gut-wrenching childhood. She barrels through life, tough and fearless, gathering facts, reporting the news. And hell to those who get in her way. As a reporter, she stands for those who can’t stand for themselves. She understands about justice. And personal vengeance. But there’s a line there she won’t cross. It may be thin, but it’s there.
Sara was raised in an all girl prep school that believed in Latin, sterling decorum, and reaching one’s ‘full human potential’. The learned social graces have made her a clever and congenial reporter. The streets made her wise and accomplished. Marriage made her vibrant, sometimes whimsical. And nothing had ever scared her until she met Raphael Sanchez.
Her weapon of choice is a Smith and Wesson .357 and she can drill a cluster in a target no wider than a silver dollar.
At this time she is believed dead.

Dr. Jessica Bentley:
Saint Jessica --Patron Saint of Control Freaks.
She hadn’t always been like this. At one time she’d been spontaneous, silly, impulsive, and crazy cool. Back before what she now only refers to as The Incident, when a deranged sociopathic ex-marine had nearly killed her. And had killed eleven girls before her. Jessi had been what the media happily called Lucky Number Twelve. Lucky her ass.
That incident changed her life’s focus and she is now San Diego’s top forensic psychologist and expert consultant. She can’t stand silence, static, or the smell of coffee. She has two American military burial flags to her name when most people have none. When her brother Shane is killed, she vows to never get involved with a military man again, even though she’s in love with Jake Kincaid, and pregnant with his child.

Nicole Edge:
The admiral’s daughter and world’s top supermodel. Smarter than her looks imply, she has an MBA from Harvard. The only reason she still models is because the money she makes keeps her halfway house funded. Maybe that’s selfish of her, but as long as designers are willing to pay, she’s going to take their money and keep paying it forward. Other than her family, Renewed Hope is the most important thing in her life. And has been ever since she killed her husband.
Paradoxically, Nikki is also a verifiable wuss. She doesn’t kill spiders or cheat on her taxes. She won’t eat meat because she can’t stand the thought of a gentle, quietly grazing cow with big brown eyes getting clobbered over the head and becoming somebody’s hamburger. She doesn’t hang up on phone solicitors. She doesn’t even grumble when some idiot driver merges too closely into her lane of traffic. She’s a kind, upstanding citizen. Until she’s put to the test and kills a mob boss’s son in self-defense. She is Aaron Chance’s wet dream.

Alec Locke:
Trained by a Mossad operative, Alec is the best hired assassin known to the CIA. When her father is tortured and killed for a document that could shake our nation to its very core, Alec goes on an unsanctioned killing spree, seeking her own brand of retribution. Off the grid and out of control, she’s making it her own personal mission to kill those who killed her family.
Determined, courageous, intelligent, resourceful, and physically active, she is ice.
Tolerates French cuisine, but prefers the spice of authentic Italian. Deep appreciation of antiques. Extensive gun collector. Fluent in several languages. Keeps a chauffeured Rolls on standby, but prefers the freedom of her Maserati.
Twenty-four confirmed kills. Martial arts expert as well as a concert pianist. Master in all things espionage. The only man considered worthy enough to be her opponent is Dr. Matthew Jackson.
Her life gets complicated when she falls in love with the one man she may have to kill.